One weekend - five wins

This weekend was my tennis weekend. I played really good tennis and fought really hard. I won 3 out of 3 singles, as number 3 and 4. And I won 2 out of 3 doubles with Lea. I really enjoy playing with her and I think we complete each other both game wise and mentally. We were really close to win the third match as well... This weekend I love tennis.

I met two Swedish tennis guys who goes to UNC Greensboro (see the picture). 
After the matches today we went to Insomnia Cookies and ate ice cream to celebrate. Overall the team had a really good weekend on the court.


This morning we drove 1,5h to Greensboro, another city in North Carolina, to play tournament. We started with doubles. We all won. And now we have played singles, and I won my match in a super tiebreak. So nice! Now we're having lunch watching two of our teammates who are still playing. Soon we will play a second single for the day.

Gym 6:45

Here are two pics from today's and the Monday's lifting in the gym. Can you find me? I'm in two...