No shirt

It's almost 20 degrees and in a few days it's December. How amazing is that!!! Yesterday I played without shirt. Love this.


Outdoor practice

Haven't played in more than a week so it felt really good to hit the ball again today. And even more nice since we're playing outdoor. I love it! Such a privilege to be able to play outdoors in the end of November. 

Popo after practice:

Mixeddoubles WIN

Yesterday was the mkxeddoubles challenge. Every team had three mixed doubles team. My team, the Ridiculous 6, won this challenge and are now in the lead. We were amazing. And me and My doubles partner Dustin were undefeatable. Four more challenges to go though. 

Jag hade så hiiiimla roligt. Underbart taggad tävlings-och lagstämning. Det finns inget bättre.