Brooklyn Bridge

Yesterday Louisa had classes so I met up with Hanna and Kajsa on Manhattan. So nice!!! Among other things we went to Brooklyn bridge and enjoyed the view :)

Day in Greenwhich Village

Another day in NYC has passed by. Today me, Louisa and her Swedish roommate Emy (the sweetest!!!) went to Greenwhich Village and Soho. I love these quarters of Manhattan as well. We got manicure, went for shopping (I feel new) and ate lunch at a really nice place called ByChloe, with a lot of vegan food. I had a vegan burger and sweet potato fries.

Whitney museum

Today me, Louisa and her friend Madde who had the friendsgiving dinner yesterday went to Manhattan to go to Guggenheim. But when we arrived there we didn't feel like see the art there so we went to the modern museum Whitney in meat packing district, and that was a really good decision!!!

I really enjoyed the art, and the amazing view from the rooftop.