Day in Greenwhich Village

Another day in NYC has passed by. Today me, Louisa and her Swedish roommate Emy (the sweetest!!!) went to Greenwhich Village and Soho. I love these quarters of Manhattan as well. We got manicure, went for shopping (I feel new) and ate lunch at a really nice place called ByChloe, with a lot of vegan food. I had a vegan burger and sweet potato fries.

New day

Good morning!
Today me and Louisa are going in to Manhattan and Guggenheim. Excited to see some art! I hope it's good. 

Three pics from my car trip to New York:


A day in Williamsburg

I have had some amazing first 24 hours here in New York with Louisa. 

Today we woke up and took an uber to Williamsburg, Brooklyn where we hanged out the whole day. First we ate brunch with Louisa's friend at a nice place called "the Bedford". Then we just walked around and went shopping (I will show you later what I bought) before we sat down at a cafe again and talked for a couple of hours. After that me and Louisa went to her other friend's apartment by the water (with a view over the Manhattan skyline) in Williamsburg and had friends giving. We ate homemade turkey and it was a really cozy dinner. Now we just got back to Queens and are ready to sleep. Tomorrow is another new day in NYC. I love this city.