1 month at Campbell

Today it was one month since I came back to the US after the summer and since I came to my new university. So far I really feel like home. I enjoy the tennis (I play well), the people, the coaches and the classes I'm taking. I hope I will continue feeling like this.

Warm light

The light is warm here. Very somrigt. 

Now it's 19:06 and I'm alone in my dorm this weekend since Ana is seeing her family in Florida. We played internal matches in the morning, I won and I'm satisfied with the result. After that I've been sleeping, watching True Blood with Martin (advice to you who are in long distance relationships, watch tv-shows together!), eating lunch, face timed with mamma and studied a little. Tonight I guess we will hang out the whole team :)

My Friday

Today I had two classes in the morning and then we had conditioning and doubles practice in 29 degrees:)

 Now I've just come back from dinner with some from the team. We ate "Asian" food 10 minutes car drive away from campus.
Tomorrow morning we have internal matches in the morning so I'm just chilling.
This is me right now: