How to Raise a Feminist Son

Found an article in The New York Times about how to raise a son as a feminist. Wanted to share it with you since this is an issue I've been thinking about. If I get a son sometime in the future I want him to be a FEMINIST. It is very much talk about raising your daughters to be independent and say no and to stand up for themselves, but not very much about how to raise your sons. That's why this article is important. Click the link to read it:

Here are some of the advice the author came up with from the article. Pretty simple, but so important and maybe easy to forget about.

Let him cry


Read a lot, including about girls and women


Never use ‘girl’ as an insult


Teach ‘no means no’


Teach him to take care of others


Give him role models


Encourage friendships with girls


Share the work


Let him be himself

And two picture of me and my älskade lillebror <3