At last I have a pair of vans. Dark green, the old skool model. Love them.

Stripes in Raleigh


I love wearing stripes. Feels like me. 

Now I just came back to campus from Raleigh, where I ate dinner and did some shopping. It was the first time I walked around in downtown. Did not see very much but it seems like an ok city, kind.

Tomorrow I have a test in my Lifetime Wellness class about common diseases. After that it's the last challenge in the Rase to the Final Line Competition. My team is now on the third place after some less successful target-challenges on Monday and Wednesday. But we have still a chance to come back in singles guys vs girls tomorrow. 

Simple black

Ordered a black, simple jacket that I think is warmer than my other jackets I brought to Campbell. I didn't expect any cold. And probably it won't be very many minus degrees but for sure around 0 Celsius. And in New York next week I need to be warm.