Throwback to...

..when I was 6 and 7 years old and...
...waited for gifts on Christmas eve: 
...when Frank was världens-gulligaste-tjockis-bebis and I wished my aunts turtle (the one I'm holding in my hands) was my puppy:
...when I was a ballet dancer (not really my thing as you can see on my posture - I'm the one wearing a light pink dress to the left if you turn your head):
...when my dream was to become a professional floor ball (didn't know that was the english word for innebandy until now) player:
...skiing in Sälen with pappa. I LOVE to ski:
...when I performed every Friday (I'm in the front ofc) because I wanted to:
when I promised to sing a song on my godmother's wedding in my Swedish national dress but regretted it and refused when I was on sta