Happy New Year! / Gott Nytt År!

A couple of days late since I took a little blog pause. But here I am, back on track. My New Year's resolution is to live more in the moment, might not sound very original but I think it's exactly what I need. I believe that the more you are able to live in the moment the happier you are able to become. And this might affect my blogging a little, we will see.

Good sight

Today it was clear sight in the slopes and so beautiful.

Unfortunately there were some problems with the lifts that made the day not as perfect as hoped, but I still got some nice skiing. I was alone again - the rest of the family went cross country. 


Today I skied downhill alone. It was a long time ago I skied last time but I felt that I had the technique in my body. I love this!!!

It was so much snow. Unfortunately the sight was pretty bad, and that's why the rest of my family decided to keep going for cross country skiing. But I don't mind to be alone in the slopes.

Cross Country

Today we have been Cross Country Skiing! Haven't done it in many years so it was pretty hard in the beginning. But I love this nature! So much snow, so fresh air and it's quiet. 

Family Christmas Charades

Yesterday I started off the day with some tennis with pappa. Then me and my family drive to Värmdö and Fågelbro where my grandmother and her husband host the yearly Family Christmas Charades. Wonderful! My team won the charades by 3 seconds.

Christmas day

The Christmas day is here and today my grandfather and some of my cousins are coming over for Christmas dinner. 

Merry Christmas<3

It's Christmas Eve and me and my family are celebrating alone, only us. So cozy :)

We started off the day with a long walk on Djurgården, and since then we have open presents, had really good JULBORD and watched Kalle Anka. Now it's time for some games.

Girls girls girls

Yesterday me and my family ate dinner at Sara's house with her and her family. It was sooo nice and cozy and ofc very good food. After awhile me and Sara went in to the city and a bar where we met Temra, Hedvig, Rebecka, Hanna and Malva. We were there for a time and then we went to a club called the Debaser. They played electronic indie pop and we danced the whole night. I had very much fun until mine and Hedvig's jackets got stolen... :( so I had to get home freezing.

Good walk

Walked on Djurgården and let Lorca run free on Gärdet. It's the best feeling to see her running free out in the nature, she is so happy.


Igår bakade vi pepparkakor hemma hos mig och så tog vi fram kameran och tog lite söta bilder i julkortsstuk:


Sara and Rebecka

Today I practice with Felix at Lidingö, and then I fell asleep in my bed. I am still jetlagged from my flight, it's crazy. 

Tonight Rebecka and Sara came to my place and we cooked dinner and talked and cuddle until late and then me and Sara went to a bar at Odenplan and stayed there until now. Good evening :) On Friday I will go out for real, I haven't danced in a while.looking forward to it!!

A little reunion

Today I've been with Lipsen and William. What a reunion!! And look, we're still as cool as we've always been:

Ulla Winblad

Today we celebrated morfar (grandfather) with JULBORD at Ulla Winblad. It was amazingly good !!!! 

On the way there I wore this big fur hat from my parents' trip to Russia couple of months ago.

In the middle picture you can see my baby cousin Alexia.<3

Marielles landställe

Tonight I've stayed over at Marielle's landställe in the Archipelago!!! So cozy. I brought Lorca with me and we took long walks, ate good food and played Buzz on the PlayStation :) 


Tonight I've babysat my little cousin Fred. It was really cozy and we played chess. Before I went there I drove to Lidingö and played tennis for two hours. It felt good! Haven't played in two weeks now. 

Yesterday I hanged out with Jesper, it was nice as always. He took me to a unique Christmas Bar close to the apartment he lives in.

Tomorrow I'm going with Marielle to her family's house in Skärgården (Archipelago), sooooo cozy!

Banana Pancakes

For lunch today I made banana pancakes with warm berries. Really good.



Glad Lucia! Ikväll har jag fortsatt min familjebondning och gått på bio med mamma, pappa, Frank. Vi såg Solsidan-filmen och jag var glatt överraskad. Tyckte den var riktigt bra och rolig och feel-good. Jag behövde den rejält.



Today I went to a smaller Movie Theatre with pappa to watch 2015 year's Nobel Award Winner Svetlana Alexievich's documentary about love in Russia. It's called Lyubov.

Potential wishlist

Faux fur - Zara
Hörlurar - Urbanears
Tröja - Comme des Garcons
Pleated skirt - Zara!!!
Bracelet - Sophie by Sophie

Home! Hemma!

Efter några kaotiska 48 timmar, spenderade på sjukhus och flygplan är jag äntligen hemma i Stockholm.

I'm home in Stockholm and it's a lot of snow here! Now I have Christmas BREAK!

Omw home to Sweden

A couple of hours ago I arrived to JFK. I'm traveling with my Swedish friend Hanna who plays soccer at Campbell. Now we're waiting for our Norwegian-flight to Stockholm!!! So excited to go home.

Happy Birthday Lorca

Igår fyllde världens bästa Lorca 2 år❤❤ På måndag får jag träffa henne igen :)

Midnight Breakfast

Tonight Jonny in our team invited the whole team for midnight breakfast. So sweet, and good!! It's apperantly a thing here, to eat breakfast-food at midnight sometimes. A gooood thing if you ask me:))

And outside his apartment we met a little poodle puppy, so adorable.

Art History

Today I have my first final exam, Art History. It is a class I am very interested in so I am excited even though I wished I started studying earlier.
Some artwork art work I will be tested on tonight: