Brooklyn Bridge

Yesterday Louisa had classes so I met up with Hanna and Kajsa on Manhattan. So nice!!! Among other things we went to Brooklyn bridge and enjoyed the view :)

Day in Greenwhich Village

Another day in NYC has passed by. Today me, Louisa and her Swedish roommate Emy (the sweetest!!!) went to Greenwhich Village and Soho. I love these quarters of Manhattan as well. We got manicure, went for shopping (I feel new) and ate lunch at a really nice place called ByChloe, with a lot of vegan food. I had a vegan burger and sweet potato fries.

Whitney museum

Today me, Louisa and her friend Madde who had the friendsgiving dinner yesterday went to Manhattan to go to Guggenheim. But when we arrived there we didn't feel like see the art there so we went to the modern museum Whitney in meat packing district, and that was a really good decision!!!

I really enjoyed the art, and the amazing view from the rooftop.


At last I have a pair of vans. Dark green, the old skool model. Love them.

New day

Good morning!
Today me and Louisa are going in to Manhattan and Guggenheim. Excited to see some art! I hope it's good. 

Three pics from my car trip to New York:


A day in Williamsburg

I have had some amazing first 24 hours here in New York with Louisa. 

Today we woke up and took an uber to Williamsburg, Brooklyn where we hanged out the whole day. First we ate brunch with Louisa's friend at a nice place called "the Bedford". Then we just walked around and went shopping (I will show you later what I bought) before we sat down at a cafe again and talked for a couple of hours. After that me and Louisa went to her other friend's apartment by the water (with a view over the Manhattan skyline) in Williamsburg and had friends giving. We ate homemade turkey and it was a really cozy dinner. Now we just got back to Queens and are ready to sleep. Tomorrow is another new day in NYC. I love this city.

First couple of hours

Yesterday at 4 pm I arrived to NYC after a hour long car trip on the same road for almost 10 hours with two teammates. 

Louisa lives in Queens in a town house with her team mates. It's sooo cozy here. 

Snaps from today and yesterday. Starting from now and back in time:

Just woke up next to Louisa in her cozy room 😍

We went to a Latino Club in Queens yesterday night. It was really fun expect clinging men... when do they change?

We started in the tennis guys' house. 

I ate sushi for dinner with Louisa and some of her teammates couple of hours after I arrived:))

Snap from the sunrise yesterday morning. We started to drive at 6 am.

Last and final challenge

And then I will get Thanks Giving breaaaaak!

Stripes in Raleigh


I love wearing stripes. Feels like me. 

Now I just came back to campus from Raleigh, where I ate dinner and did some shopping. It was the first time I walked around in downtown. Did not see very much but it seems like an ok city, kind.

Tomorrow I have a test in my Lifetime Wellness class about common diseases. After that it's the last challenge in the Rase to the Final Line Competition. My team is now on the third place after some less successful target-challenges on Monday and Wednesday. But we have still a chance to come back in singles guys vs girls tomorrow. 

November 16th

Today this is what I drew in class:

Simple black

Ordered a black, simple jacket that I think is warmer than my other jackets I brought to Campbell. I didn't expect any cold. And probably it won't be very many minus degrees but for sure around 0 Celsius. And in New York next week I need to be warm.

drawing in my bed

This is me 10 minutes ago, drawing in my bed. Ana took the pictures <3

Now I have design class and then it's time for the weeks first challenge with my Ridiculous 6-team!!! Volley and baseline today.

Blir roligare nästa gång

Hade inte lika kul igår. Kände mig stressad och orolig och det var för mycket folk och dålig musik och iskallt. 

Här var det bra i alla fall:

Fars dag

Min älskade pappa som jag delar så mycket med. Saknar dig såååå mycket!

Glad fars dag, du är bäst.

Party weekend

Yesterday we partied at the tennis house, just us tennis players. It was really fun and I danced a lot. Night conditioning!

Tonight is party time again. But this time at the golf house, just like last weekend. That is always fun since almost all of them are Swedish!

Mixeddoubles WIN

Yesterday was the mkxeddoubles challenge. Every team had three mixed doubles team. My team, the Ridiculous 6, won this challenge and are now in the lead. We were amazing. And me and My doubles partner Dustin were undefeatable. Four more challenges to go though. 

Jag hade så hiiiimla roligt. Underbart taggad tävlings-och lagstämning. Det finns inget bättre.


Today is the mixed doubles challenge of Race to the Finish Line! We have painted t-shirts and are ready to crush!

I started this day with a presentation in my PE class. It went very well as usual with presentations for me. That's my favorite way to be examined in school. 

Now it's time (AT LAST) for photo shoot for the Campbell Athletics Website!!

"Race to the Finish Line" competition

Now when the fall tournaments are over we are soon done with the tennis for the year. Next week will be our last official practices. Our coaches have organized an internal competition "Race to the Finish Line" and divided us all (guys and girls) into three teams. We had to come up with a team name and a cheer. And then we will have 6 different rounds where the best team in each category get 150 points, the second 100 and the third 50. And next Friday we will have a winner. 

The rounds consist of for example Mixed doubles, serve/return challenge, volley-challenge, baseline-target challenge, and singles girls vs guys (where guys have one serve and girls are allowed to play in the corridors). This concept is soooo fun! I really really enjoy this types of games. It makes everything so much funnier. The winning team wins 50 dollars each to spend on Under Amour and a team picture that will hang on the wall in the tennis office hall of fame. 

My team consists of Ondra, Dustin, me, Alex, Lea and Lorenz. And we are "The Ridiculous 6" (more pics with other outfits will come). We won the name challenge.

The two other teams, that will have a hard (impossible) time winning against us:

The Spanish speaking  team (+ one Barca-fan) CUTE!!

Time flying by

The leaves are starting to change color! But most trees are still green. Today we will have 25 degrees again but then it will start to get a little cooler, but still above 15 degrees. I love it.

Now we're done with the fall season and it went by so fast it's crazy. Now I have two weeks until thanks giving and New York and then two weeks more and then I'm back home.

My weekend

I'm much more satisfied with how I played yesterday than the day before. I played no 3 singles so I got a really tough match but I played well and I had fun on the court. Lea and I won all doubles that we played during the weekend. So nice :)
Yesterday night the golfers had a party at their house. It was really fun. 
Today I am resting and studying for an online exam I have to take in a couple of hours. 

Good night

Alex, popo, Georgina and me tonight :)

Exhausted at Myrtle Beach

We are staying two nights at a nice hotel at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Myrtle Beach is another crazy American amusement park/shopping center/restaurant park built around a lake. 

After a looong day with three matches in the heat I feel exhausted and down. I don't know if it has to do with the sun exposure, the physical exhaustion, that I played bad in the single or if I just have a bad day... 

New matches tomorrow before we leave for Campbell again.

Good night from me and Popo

During this tournament I share hotel room with Popo (Pauline) from Franceee!!! Very cozy :) and a fun fact: we do not only share hotel room, we share BIRTHDAY! We both are born the 11th of June hohi


Sunset practice in South Carolina

After finishing classes today we drove to Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina, two and a half hours south from us. We are playing our last tournament this weekend. When we arrived in the afternoon we practiced. I can't believe it's November and around 25 degrees. To practice in this wheather and when the sky is that beautiful is pure gold :)

Warm fall

The sun is back and it's 24 degrees again! It will stay like this and even a little warmer the rest of the week! I LOVE IT! 
Today we go to Coastal Carolina University south to play the last tournament of the fall!

Close-up-happiness after practice

New music

My favorite procrastination is to watch music videos... I spend too many hours doing that, wishing I could do my own :))) Because music videos are life, just like life is music videos. 



Halloween Practice

Photo: Jonathan A. O'Neal
Today is the real Halloween Day so our Assistant Coach Rodrigo organized a Halloween practice with mixed doubles and some other games. So fun :) I held on to my grape costume but changed color.
On the first two pictures you can see the whole team, both men and women, I think it's the first one I've posted:))) 


This beautiful wallpaper decorated the walls at Huda's (my American teammate) fathers country club. We ate dinner there this Saturday :)