Trivs i Buies Creek :-)

Alltid najs att komma tillbaka till campus efter tävling. Det är mysigt här och känns som hemma.

One weekend - five wins

This weekend was my tennis weekend. I played really good tennis and fought really hard. I won 3 out of 3 singles, as number 3 and 4. And I won 2 out of 3 doubles with Lea. I really enjoy playing with her and I think we complete each other both game wise and mentally. We were really close to win the third match as well... This weekend I love tennis.

I met two Swedish tennis guys who goes to UNC Greensboro (see the picture). 
After the matches today we went to Insomnia Cookies and ate ice cream to celebrate. Overall the team had a really good weekend on the court.


This morning we drove 1,5h to Greensboro, another city in North Carolina, to play tournament. We started with doubles. We all won. And now we have played singles, and I won my match in a super tiebreak. So nice! Now we're having lunch watching two of our teammates who are still playing. Soon we will play a second single for the day.

Late night creativity

Me by me. Many thoughts. Blue is confusion, melancholy. Yellow is happiness, life. Red is love and passion. 

Pencil + aquarelle colors.

Gym 6:45

Here are two pics from today's and the Monday's lifting in the gym. Can you find me? I'm in two...


The humidity continues and yesterday we had to end practice early because of lightening.

Now I have one class left and then it's fall break, just a four-days break but still very nice.

My favorite music right now


It's raining

Today it's raining like crazy. And I'm swiped away by a huge wave. Under water. 
Tonight I'm gonna sleep. I can't wait. No early classes or lifting tomorrow.

Pink Friday

Now it's Friday and this week went by fast. We have no practice this weekend, so it's gonna be nice to rest (and study). 

Me today, wearing our new pink sweatshirt (it says CU tennis on the sleeve) that I really like.

First time at the trainer

So today I went for the first time ever to the trainer. Not because I'm injured but because of my very sore and tight right arm. Couldn't barely hit my forehand yesterday, I felt so week. But now I got treated with some scraping massage so I feel more relaxed now. The resources we got as student athletes are great!!!

Today's drawing

Today I draw a wood model in my drawing class. Again satisfied with the result. I love to draw from real life with just a pencil!!!

My second class was Western Civil History, and I was one of very few who got 100% on my test, so that made things even better.
We got off from tennis practice today aswell after a tough weekend. But we had conditioning and ran 6km. 


Here are some tennis pictures from the weekend. Never have I ever had this many pictures of me playing tennis. Love it!

Happy Birthday <3

Today my dear little brother Frank turns sweet 16 :))))) Wish I could celebrate with you.


Good weekend

Had a great weekend in Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach. Played good tennis and won most matches. Yesterday I won the last match of the tournament. I started very passive and tight and felt so nervous (down 1-4). But then I overcome it and won 7-6 6-2. I'm working on containing my non-nervous attitude and well-playing during the whole matches.


Yesterday when we ate dinner at a mall in Wilmington we had some time over for shopping. I bought heart-shaped sunglasses, always wanted that :D😍

Day 2 in Wilmington

Me and Lea are undefeated at no 3 doubles so far this season. Really nice! Now it's time for singles.

Me today:

By Rodney Williams Photography

Chilling between matches



Wrightsville Beach

We live right at the beach. Just walked down there with Huda, Alex and Ana. It's so beautiful! And the waves are so strong.

NikonD5500 & Iphone 8

Win number 1

Just won the first doubles match of the tournament together with Lea, against a Winthrop team.



We are here now and ready for our first match. We start with doubles and then later we will play singles.

Packed and ready for tournament

Now I've packed my bag because tomorrow we are traveling to Wilmington to play a tournament over the weekend. We will be gone three nights and we will live in a house on the beach :) ofc I'm bringing the camera!

Good night from me and Ana 

Bolivian bracelet

Looook what Isabel in my team gave me and the other girls today:))) A handmade bracelet from Bolivia! I love it! 





100% wins today. Me and Lea just lost 1 game today, and we played two doubles. In my single I won 6-2 6-1. Played better today and am happy with the result.

We won against ECU pirates, the team that me and Uconn lost against this spring. That felt good.

Now we are down for the weekend and are on our way back to Campbell. I love life!!!

My first real matches as a Camel

Done for the day. Didn't play amazing but okey. In the first match I played the 4th single and lost. She was good but I didn't manage to play very good. The second single as the 5th player I won and thereafter I won the doubles with my Croatian partner Lea (second picture).

The first picture is of me and Alex (France) at a food stop before the matches.

First Game Day!

Now we're soon leaving for our first match of the season, and my first match as a camel. We will play two or three teams. One of them is East Carolina who me and my old Uconn-team played. 


In a couple of minutes we leave for our first matches. We will play several different teams, for example East Carolina.

Quick drawing

1 month at Campbell

Today it was one month since I came back to the US after the summer and since I came to my new university. So far I really feel like home. I enjoy the tennis (I play well), the people, the coaches and the classes I'm taking. I hope I will continue feeling like this.